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Smooth, Beautiful, Harmony dominated acoustic tracks all originally written and produced by BreezeBlock & Llew him-self.

Folk / RnB / Acoustic / Harmony


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Why does the music industry need copyright legislation?

The reason artist’s need a copy-write on their tracks is because they need to keep is secure and safe so that nobody can take it as their own. Making an extra copy, mailing it to your-self through the post with the actual date on it also works with a signed signature on it too.

‘For a new song or other work, copyright begins at the moment of fixation — when the music and lyrics have been set down on paper, recorded, or stored on a computer’. http://www.gcglaw.com/resources/entertainment/music-copyright.html

It’s for your own benefit as it’s the music industries too. Securing and proving that the work or your piece of music is originally yours can and is very beneficial in the long run as it is still counted as your own for 80 years after your death, so it is pretty secure. Them the clever thing to do would be to leave it in your WILL to a family member and she/he can then take the responsibility for the work.

Another beneficial point is that if this piece of work was to be found on someone else’s album without paying you, or even made a cover of the song or just recorded it again with-out you knowing in the 1st place, then you have right to take that person/ artist/ band top could over the situation and sue them. If you was to sign up to PRS, you can them give them the full details of the song including the track name, and if there was someone to play this song and they did not inform PRS over your behalf, you can still go after them. If you invent something, it is yours. If you record something, it is yours.  As soon as you finish righting a song on paper or printed off of a computer, then that is your own copy write. But it’s best if you put it in an envelope with the date on it and send it to your-self.

Cai Edwards

What do record companies do?

A Record Label is a sort of brand that helps you ‘the artist’ to make music videos and to make and sell merchandise and to get your music produced. Having a record label is the only way to make sure that your music is ‘really out there’ in the big wide world for others to listen to your material and to buy of-course; otherwise you won’t make any money. The most common way to get a label is to have a 3 song demo of your album and send it out and about to different people and labels, perhaps the radio station.

 A record label also promotes the artist or band and distributes any singles or albums you record and copy write them for security. They are also scouts, always on the lookout for a new artist, maintaining contracts with them and their managers. The name ‘record label’ has come from the early days where the label was the small circular centre of a vinyl record which displayed the record label’s logo, the manufacturers name and more info for contacting reasons.

Cai Edwards

How’s this as an idea for a music festival?

I feel that artists and bands are well over rated these days. I mean, most people want to even be their favourite artists, how sad is this! I think there should be a festival for only the new comers, bands and artists who can’t quite get hold of a label, or in fact people who only play and perform at an open mike night on a Friday night who just don’t get appreciated and noticed. How’s about these superstars join in on this event, but only as the listeners, only as the people like us who over pay for a ticket and then having to spend ridicules amounts of money on food, it’s like £5 for a burger. How’s about these superstars only have a £300 limit, that includes having to pay for a £150 - £190 ticket to, let them know how we feel and try to enjoy a festival on a set budget. I want popular artists to feel how we feel when we watch them as they watch us.

Cai Edwards

ooft nice mellow trance

How has online music affected the music industry how can it survive?

In my opinion, most people these days have not got a steady job that has a decent income due to the recession; also students need to save their money. The point I am trying to make is that people are more than likely to download music for free or illegally because they do not want to buy a whole album or even a single. The problem with this is that record companies who help make these albums and singles are losing just as much money as the artist or bands, and soon they will lose so much money that they can no longer go ahead with their career. But there is an upside to this, a website called I-Tunes, created by apple. You can go online or download the app/software and buy as many singles or albums as you like, but the beauty of this is you can decide how many songs from the album you want to buy instead of the whole album and not even listening to most. In my opinion this is so much better than going to HMV where you have no choice to buy the whole album or just the single, with I-Tunes there is no need to leave your home, you have the power to decide which songs you want and buy it for cheaper. And a percentage if not all the money the tracks/ albums make goes to the artist/ bands and record companies. Cai Edwards

T.V. - At War With One Another!

Television is one of the most popular forms of entertainment and information in this day in age. The fact is that every viewer watches the box around 20 hours per week or even more! The thing is, TV is in competition with radio and other companies for viewers/listeners for the quality and size of ratings and audiences. One of the biggest battles between the television companies alone is the amount of channels and satellites you can access such as; Documentary channels, children channels and music channels! There are at-least 850 independent companies in war over ratings and audiences there for to win over the viewer’s/ listeners, more channels and exciting/ interesting films/ programs are being filmed and shown on the TV only because of the companies and its worry of rating loss. Three of the biggest channels in the UK alone are BBC, ITV and CHANNEL4. These feed the viewers of all ages around the clock with a wide variety of entertainment and knowledge and are in competition with each other over ratings. Personally i find that BBC is more of an adults channel meaning cooking / news and documentaries. I tend to watch the BBC for David Attenborough’s frozen planet series which proves my point. Secondly is ITV. I find this is for series and shows that entertain all ages from noon to night from children’s humour, women’s knowledge of magazines and adult humour at night, but saying this i do tend to watch comedy shows on CHANNEL4, Because there is a wider variety of all types of comedy but in all fairness i do watch all 3 channels just as much as the other…But the point I’m trying to make is that it’s obvious that companies and channels are in war over ratings not providing certain viewers of what they want to watch as I have described. Having to swap channels is no bother to me but for the Companies and channels it’s losing a viewer. This is my view on TV.

 Cai Edwards

Progression Of Recording Methods & Materials

Progression Of Recording Methods & Materials In the 50’s music studios. They 1st started off with a 1 Track tape to record a bands song. This was a very precise and intense process as you could not re-doo the recording or cut and paste willy nilly like you can on Sibelius or Cubase & Reason these days. I can imagine those days in the studios were immensely stressful for a producer as well as the band and technicians around. Also back in those days the 1 Track tape was very new and modern thus very expensive to buy, so second chances and mistakes were expensive too. Nearing to post 2000 the 8 and 16 track had been cre3ated and also computerised technical FX were created, therefor used to create different sounds and moods making songs more interesting to enjoy. Dj’s used samples from funky songs for their tracks, remixing songs in Rap, Hip-Hop and other forms. Records were invented for the DJ decks and record players, mini-discs and C.D.’s were created for a better cleaner sounding effect to enjoy. Nower days we have computerized help and programing to make recording an album less stressful, less time consuming and also a much better quality, so next time you don’t like an album or a song created in the post 2000 aera/decade, remember what music quality and creation must have been like back in the 50’s ;) Cai Edwards